How much of your IME practice is claimant vs. defense?

We have a practice that is about 60% claimant vs. 40% defense. However, our examinations are truly objective, and the resulting report is independent of the requesting party.

How long does it take to complete a drug screen test?

If the donor is ready, our average time door to door is 15 minutes.

Are you affiliated with any other organization?

Medix is a privately owned, fully independent occupational medicine provider. Medix is not affiliated with any other occupational medicine provider or hospital network. Medix makes referral to the best professionals in their field regardless of where they practice, or which hospital system they are affiliated with.

Do you see private pay DOT physicals?

Yes. We accept cash only for private pay physicals. No checks or credit cards.

Do you do drug screens on a private pay basis?

No. All drug screens are completed and the results sent to the donor’s company.

What do all the letters mean after the doctors names?

CIME Certified Independent Medical Examiner.

The doctors have taken a course provided by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) on using the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

FACOEM Fellow, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Requirements for Fellowship: Must have practiced occupational/environmental medicine on a full-time basis for three years and be a member of ACOEM for the last three years. Must have a high level of expertise and training in occupational medicine as evidenced by certification from the American Board of Preventive Medicine in occupational medicine or another medical board. Must have accumulated points by attending meetings, continuing education, service at national or component meetings, and by board certification.

FACPM Fellow, American College of Preventive Medicine

Requirements for Fellowship: ACPM membership status is at the Member level and in good standing with ACPM for the last three years; holds current board certification by the ABPM or by another American Board of Medical Specialties recognized board, active participation with the American college of preventive medicine, demonstrates evidence of contributions to the field of Preventive Medicine, and must accumulate points similar to above.


A 2-year masters’ degree covering all aspects of business including Finance, Marketing, Operations and Business Strategy.


Master’s in Public Health. The MPH is a part of an occupational and environmental medicine residency program. An MPH program associated with a residency program typically includes graduate level study in epidemiology, biostatistics, workplace anthropology, audiogy, toxicology, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, as well as coursework in health care administration. Physicians with occupational and environmental medicine residency training and the MPH degree typically have a far greater understanding of the complex social, physical and medical issues in the typical work place than physicians without such training and education.

What is an MRO?

Medical Review Officer reviews drug screen results. If there is a positive, the MRO will contact the donor to see if there is a legitimate reason that there would be a positive result. The MRO will then determine if the results are positive or negative.

How much time should I allow for an Independent Medical Evaluation appointment?

We allow 2 hours for this type of exam. Depending on the amount of records or the number of injuries, we may allow much longer.

What is the difference between an Independent Medical Evaluation and an Impairment Rating?

If there is a question of causation, prognosis, or a need for recommendations for further care, then an Independent Medical Evaluation is what is needed. An Impairment Rating is included in an IME. An Impairment Rating is only the rating and restrictions.

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