Department of Transportation Examination

Medix works with Iowa’s trucking companies to ensure driver safety. Medix is an Allied Member of the Iowa Motor Trucking Association and we support their efforts on behalf of Iowa’s and America’s trucking industry.

Services included in the DOT examination are determined by federal and state regulations and employer-defined protocols.

Medix providers recognize that in some instances, the DOT examination is the driver’s primary point of contact with a health care provider. Our providers use this opportunity to provide preventive medicine information to drivers in addition to the certifying examination, a “value added” service to the drivers and their employers to help them manage their overall health. Consistent with our commitment to Iowa’s trucking employers, our clinic has ample onsite parking for semi-trailers.

Ensuring that your drivers are medically safe is an important Medix focus. FMCSA statistics suggest that a significant percentage of America’s commercial drivers have important medical issues that may relate to accidents. Managing these issues is important to you, and we can help ensure your drivers are healthy.

The exam is a functional exam to make sure the driver can do their job but also has a focus on prevention.

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