Impairment Rating

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Medical impairment ratings deal with the physical, measurable impact of injury or illness to the body. Impairment ratings are performed when the patient has reached a steady state, or maximum medical improvement. Impairment ratings help bring cases to closure by measuring the permanent or physical changes caused by an injury or illness.

All Medix physicians are Certified Independent Medical Examiners. Examinations are conducted with strict adherence to guidelines set forth by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME).

The impairment is the measurable impact of an injury or illness. Disability is the effect the injury / illness has on the individual's ability to function both at work and at home.

Medix impairment ratings are performed in accordance with the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

Medix Impairment Rating services include:

  • Medical History
  • A Physical Exam Specific to the Impairment Rating
  • Impairment Rating
  • Restrictions

This examination may require x-ray, neurometry, and/or laboratories.

Medix physicians have many years experience performing complex independent medical exams at the request of both employee and employer representatives.

In addition to performing ratings we can review ratings performed by other providers to ensure accuracy.